The Garden of Forking Paths: A Shadowrun Campaign

The Shadowrun Fourth Edition campaign I’m running for my friends right now is called The Garden of Forking Paths. I decided to name it that not for any thematic reasons, nor because I’m a huge fan of Borges, but because when I was first starting it I was really obsessed (as opposed to mildly obsessed, as I currently am) with a song by that title, by the band Steve Goldberg and the Arch Enemies. I think the song works for Shadowrun. I like the acoustic demo, too.

This campaign chronicles the adventures of five denizens of the shadows, who I’ll be introducing forthwith. Breagh (Gaelic for “pretty girl” according to her player) is a dryad druid with a way with… well, everyone. Along with magical support, she functions as the group’s Face. In between her high charisma, her glamour (a metagenic trait that dryads have, which makes them more appealing and, well, glamorous), and her Dragon mentor spirit, which gives a bonus to negotiation, she does pretty well at it. She’s from Tir Tairngire, and her parents disappeared during the revolution there, which I mistakenly set in 2071.

Panzer is an ex-pat of the Allied German States (I don’t believe his player has ever determined which one). He was part of the military, and decided to get out of town when he realized his unit was being sent on missions at the behest of Saeder-Krupp. He is a sniper, and also skilled at non-Matrix based breaking and entering.

Red is a gunslinger physical adept assassin and the adopted daughter of one of the Seattle Metroplex’s Mafia dons, Joseph Gianelli. She is also a made woman (or girl, or gal, or something); no Mafia princess, she. She uses a pair of heavy duty revolvers, primarily to shoot people.  Sometimes she uses a machine gun; again, primarily to shoot people. Most of what she does involves people and the shooting thereof.

Riptide is an oni, the primarily Japanese metavariant of the ork. He used to work for the San Francisco branch of the megacorp Renraku in security, specializing in heavy weapons. He left them after being forced to massacre what he believed to be unarmed civilians. He believes he knows the whole story behind that, but doesn’t. Yet.

Finally, Rook is a latecomer to the team, a Wiccan magician (colloquially known as a witch) from Austria, though she’s of Irish descent. Her parents escaped from Ireland when it was in the process of turning into Tir na nOg. She has come to Seattle to look for a friend of hers, with whom she attended Prague University (probably; SR canon can’t decide if the major magical university in Prague is the University of Prague, Prague University, or some other university which I can’t find at the moment). Unlike Breagh, she knows how to summon spirits, and is fairly good at it, and is also a fairly skilled fencer; she is, sadly, the most skilled close combatant on the team.

Come back on Saturday, when I’ll be posting the notes I put together for their introduction to the game; because I’m an asshole, I made them hunt rats in a basement. Devil rats, sure, but still rats. That’s assuming I don’t decide to post them sooner.


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