I am reading a Shadowrun novel, please send help

Once, in my teen years, I tried to read one of the early Shadowrun novels; I love the setting, after all, and was fond of the game’s early in-character source material. I remember the novel being tremendously bad, featuring things that blatantly disregarded the way the game mechanics worked, plus a heaping tablespoon of typos. I put it down after several chapters and never tried again.

Now that I’m obsessed with the world again, and running my own campaign, I decided to once again brave a Shadowrun novel; I picked one of the ones from the most recent run of tie-ins, from the mid 2000s. It is, thankfully, much better than I remember the other one being. It is, unfortunately, still not super great. There are still things that sounded wrong, as far as tying into the game mechanics go. Worse, the main character is a burned out mage, which means he is not, in fact, a mage at all, and thus not only is there no interesting, flashy magic, he also spends a lot of time whining about how he doesn’t have his magic.

It’s not terrible. There have been some good bits. I kind of like the main probably-the-villain. However, the fact that I’m over half-way in and there’s been pretty much one major event and there’s no clear antagonist is rather indicative of the overall problem with the novel: it’s setting is not Seattle, as it purports, but is Dullsville. It’s mostly just slow and not very interesting. And that makes me sad.


2 Responses to “I am reading a Shadowrun novel, please send help”

  1. Try novels by Nigel findley (that’s pre-4th ed), or Tom dowd ( but dowd’s is a big spoiler).

    I like short stories in anthology “wolf & raven” and more mixed one in “into the shadows” (its: different authors, different style but I liked it)

  2. caduceusiv Says:

    I know a lot of the background for SR, so I’m not too concerned about spoilers, and I know that Dowd was one of the game’s major creators, so I’ll see if I can find either of those authors at Powell’s. Thanks!

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