Character Contacts

I’ve collected most of my character’s major contacts into one document, for convenience. It’s a little out of date; I could put a few more in, but haven’t gotten around to it. When the campaign started, I gave them their fixer contact, Reno, for free. I wanted to get them together easily, and as a player, I hate having to spend a bunch of build points on decent contacts. Rather than purchase multiple additional contacts, most of my players opted to buy one high level contact, thus some of the rather ridiculous contact and loyalty ratings.

As much as possible, I drew contacts from seeds in the Seattle 2072 book, which was really an amazing sourcebook. Reno, Barney “Big Boy” Troxell, Don Joey Gianelli (he’d have me killed for calling him Joey), and ‘Nette Harris all come from that book. Cara Villiers was mentioned in that book, but she’s a long time Shadowrun character, from what I understand (what with being Richard Villiers daughter and all). I more or less made up the stats for all these characters, loosely basing them on contacts from the Anniversary Core book, Contacts and Adventures, and the Runner’s Companion. Cara Villiers was fun to put together; all I know about her is that she was a rockstar and did some running for a time, so I decided to have fun and make her a super company (wo)man, loading her up with delta grade cyber and bioware, and straight making shit up for her hand. As far as I know, “Nanomorph capabilities” don’t actually show up in any SR sourcebooks, but I figure if anyone could have something like that, it’s the daughter of the most powerful man in the world*.

*If NeoNET is the world’s second biggest megacorp, which according to Corporate Guide it is, and Saeder-Krupp is the biggest, that makes NeoNET’s CEO, Richard Villiers, the world’s most powerful man, as far as pure assets under his command go. Saeder-Krupp’s CEO is, of course, Lofwyr the Great Fraggin’ Dragon, and thus does not qualify for the position.

Character Contacts


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