Trials and Tribulations—Best Buy

My monitor died today. I spent most of the day running around trying to get chores and things done. Eventually, I made it down to Best Buy, since that’s pretty much the only electronics retailer in the area anymore, maybe with the exception of Costco and Walmart. I pondered a while, talked to a friend who is more technically minded and up-to-date on such things than I am, and eventually decided on a moderately nice LG; it was a big step up from what I was using, though probably more than I should have spent. The not-very-helpful sales guy who I talked to before choosing told me that for $40 I could get their fancy 4 year warranty. That seemed like a reasonable deal; ten bucks a year, why not? So when the cashier girl asked if I wanted the warranty thing, I said yes.

As I’m walking out to the car, I get to looking at the receipt, and it says the warranty is $50. Which, you know, is not a big difference, though I was already spending too much and another ten was unpleasant. So I go in to make sure there wasn’t some mistake. Cashier girl looks at me like I was crazy, and rather dubiously said she could call over the floor guy. I said yes, please do. He wandered over, taking his time, and basically said, “Oh, I guess I made a mistake. Sorry.” It was not a terribly sincere apology. Then he asked if I wanted to return the monitor. I probably should have said yes, in retrospect, but I was tired and cranky and just wanted to go home and finish taking care of my crap. They did not in anyway offer anything substantive in apology.

When I got home and took the new monitor out of the box, I discovered it only came with a VGA cable. I bought a monitor in 2010, and it only came with a VGA cable. I don’t think they even make video cards that have VGA slots anymore; I know mine doesn’t, and it’s three years old. And no one at Best Buy thought it was worth mentioning, “Hey, do you have an DVI cable? If not, you might want one.” So I’ve got my nice shiny new monitor hooked up to my machine with a fucking DVI converter, and now I’m going to have to go somewhere to get an DVI cable tomorrow. Don’t know where, but I’m sure as fuck not going back to Best Buy.


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