Dawn of War 2

A few weeks ago Steam offered Dawn of War 2 and its expansion for only $20, combined, so I picked them up. Sure, I’m a year behind the times on this one, but life as a graduate student wasn’t exactly a lucrative experience. The downside of the purchase is that my living situation is such that my internet has a monthly bandwidth limit, so I’ve been slowly downloading a percent or two a day for the last few weeks, and I finally finished the main game the other day. So I can now play it.

Verdict so far: I’m enjoying it, but I’m unsure as to how well the mechanics work outside of the campaign. The conceit of the Warhammer 40k universe is, after all, that Space Marines are like unto gods and small groups can plow through vast hordes of any enemy (except perhaps Chaos Space Marines). This conceit makes the campaign mode work well, as that’s exactly what you’re doing, but I feel like it’s going to fall down if you’re playing multiplayer (or whatever) and are in charge of Eldar or Tyranids plowing through hordes of space marines. I haven’t gotten around to testing the theory, yet; I don’t really know what the multiplayer is like, and again, not great internet, so I’m only likely to play against bots in the near future anyway. No matter what, I see this getting eclipsed by Starcraft 2 come the end of the month.


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