Shadowrun Character Info Template

I have yet to find a character sheet that really meets my needs as far as Shadowrun goes. There is such a variety of character builds, from cyberware filled samurai to hermetic mages, from hackers and technomancers to adepts, from shapeshifters and drakes to cyberzombies and cyborgs, it’s nearly impossible to put space for everything one might need to write down on a conventional character sheet, though people have certainly tried. Since I’ve yet to find a really easy to use and satisfactory piece of character builder software (unlike SR3, for which there is the magnificent NSRCG), I’ve taken to using a simple Word template for my prime runners. (Prime runners are major allies and villains in SR4, and are supposed to be built properly, just with lots of extra build points, as opposed to grunts, which, well, are pretty self explanatory.) I also have each of my player’s character worked up this way, so that I can keep track of what’s going on with them. This template requires a lot of typing, but it’s still better than writing things down by hand.

Character Info Template


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