Chocolate Infused Tequila

So ever since I saw this thread on AskMefi last fall, I’ve been trying out liquor infusions. My most recent one is a chocolate-infused tequila, which I just drained yesterday, and was inspired by a chocolate tequila my girlfriend brought home from Mexico a couple months before I met her. I loosely followed this recipe, using gold El Jimador tequila instead of the vodka. I used Giardelli’s unsweetened dark cocoa powder, and used a little more than a cup. I also added half a split vanilla bean, about a tablespoon cocoa-chili powder, and maybe two tablespoons of simple syrup. Then I let it sit for maybe eight weeks, shaking it whenever I remembered (should have done it once a day).

I discovered that I used way too much cocoa powder; I only recovered about 3/4ths of the bottle, and that’s with not straining the last fifth of the jar. The rest is part of what resembles an alcoholic chocolate pudding. My girlfriend has plans to make a chocolate sauce out of it. The tequila itself is, if possible, even stronger than it was before the infusion. Not sure how that works. It tastes good, but probably needs some more simple syrup added. I’ve done several other tequila infusions, since I think it’s the most interesting liquor to work with; a coffee infused version worked best (not surprisingly) in coffee or mixed with coffee liquors, while a ginger infused one works very well mixed with sake or ginger beer. All of them are mostly tequila flavored, though, and I’m thinking I might just switch to vodka like a normal person. Though I might try a ginger infused brandy at some point.


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