First Run Notes

After the basement rat hunt, the first actual adventure I put my players through was a published adventure, On the Run, which is a nice little introductory adventure, particularly if you’re new to SR4. My players tackled it admirably, investigating the details on the datachip when they got the opportunity and following all the clues and opportunities quite well. They also kept their noses out of stuff it would have been safer to not stick them in, which I thought was quite impressive.

I’m not going to post the adventure itself, obviously, as that would be illegal, and while I made up a Word doc with stats and damage tracks for all the enemies in the adventure (which is very helpful, and I highly recommend), I think I might be pushing it to even post that, as it’s still mostly stuff copyright by Topps and/or Catalyst. I’m not really sure, and I rather wish the company developing Shadowrun was actually the company that owned the property, but you take what you can get in this world. Instead, I’ll post the technomancer character I put together as a freelance NPC team member for my players; several parts of On the Run required a competent hacker, and none of them were or are playing a Matrix focused character. I ended up mostly fudging what she was doing, because at the time I didn’t really have a clear grasp on the hacking rules. I still don’t, honestly, though I’ve gone over them a lot and understand them better, now. It’s easy enough to write adventures that don’t really require a hacker character, which is exactly what I’ve been doing, so, as I post up adventures I’ve actually written in the future, you’ll have to keep in mind that, should you want to use them with a group that does have a hacker type, you’ll have to add challenges for him or her.

Because I’m a dork, I gave the technomancer a street name from one of my favorite anime back in the day. This was before I had Unwired, but after I’d gotten Running Wild, so I think I had vague plans for the technoferret, and didn’t ever end up actually doing something with it.

Dwarf Technomancer


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