Run Report 2: the Slowening

We played a last minute SR session last Thursday, as they continued to work on the main missions given them by Ms. Tanaka (the Japanese equivalent of Ms. Johnson). Last time I told you about their very successful ambush, but that was just a side gig. Their main mission was to infiltrate an exclusive club called 77, and shoot the espresso machine in the kitchen. They thought this was a crazy mission, as it indeed mostly was; their employer is actually Buttercup, a powerful and very rich free spirit who is the largest single shareholder in Evo, one of the big ten AAA megacorps, and also is a bit of a jokester. However, their was some method to her madness—there was a xenosapient AI living in the espresso machine’s node, which caused it to act up a lot. The kitchen staff hated the thing, and would have helped them smuggle in a gun if any of them had been approached the right way.

My players, however, did not approach any of them the right way. They had fun blackmailing one of the staff, who has a drug problem, but they didn’t actually talk to him long enough to find out that he could help them, and what little info they did get from him (namely, the position of the machine) saved them about a half second of looking around when they got into the kitchen. They ended up just sneaking in a polymer-composite pistol, causing a distraction, and then walking into the kitchen and shooting the thing. It was the simplest, most obvious plan. Unfortunately, it took them about six hours to figure enact said plan, and they chased three or four red herrings, including the ineffectual blackmail above, before actually deciding to do the obvious thing.

In their defense, they were worried about the shooter actually getting out, which is fair. With having talked to the kitchen staff, they didn’t have any way of knowing that said staff would defend any outsider shooting the machine from security, since like I said, they all hated it. It didn’t even end up coming up, though, because in between the distraction Panzer was making and the speed with which Red shot the thing, all the staff was so confused that they didn’t clearly figure out who was behind it before the team was able to hide in the general exodus of clientele from the club. The 77 lost a fair amount of money because of that exodus, however, and its possible this will come back to haunt the runners later.

Not before their ambush the other day does, though.


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