Things Found in the Forest

So Friday was my birthday, and I spent the weekend with my girlfriend drinking overpriced microbrews, eating unhealthy food, and hanging out with cool people. It was a blast. I meant to mention I would be gone, but it slipped my mind. Also, I’m thinking I might stick to six updates a week, barring my being especially excited or annoyed about something, since I find myself playing a lot of catch up every Monday.

One thing we did this weekend was watch a movie we borrowed from my girlfriend’s sister, called The Woods. Both my girlfriend and her sister have a fondness for cheesy horror movies. Unfortunately, this wasn’t even good enough to be considered cheesy. The acting was wooden, but not wooden enough to be funny (despite the constant use of the term “firecrotch” as an insult to the red-headed protagonist, which I suspect the director thought was hilarious), the plot was nearly incomprehensible, and it wasn’t even vaguely scary. The worst part, though, was that it had Bruce Campbell in it in an utterly uninteresting role, that of the heroine’s father. He was definitely the best actor in the movie, even though he had maybe all of twenty lines. Honestly, I think it should be criminally prosecutable to have Bruce Campbell in a movie and under-utilize him so badly. Simply appalling.

In happier forest-related segues, however, my copy of Zoe Keating’s new album, Into the Trees, arrived last week, and it’s simply beautiful. I first discovered Zoe when she was playing with Rasputina, and then saw her again when she was playing with Amanda Fucking Palmer, which pretty much convinced me she was amazing, because I love both Rasputina and Amanda Palmer. She is just as or even more amazing doing her own work; I highly recommend it. This post on Metafilter might be of interest to anyone who cares about this paragraph, too. Rasputina also seems to have a new album out, which I intend to order shortly. I’ll discuss it sometime after it arrives and/or I finish downloading it.


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