A Rigger

Okay, I’m tired and not feeling great, so this is going to be short. GG is another NPC I put together, just in case I ever ran an adventure in which my players desperately needed a rigger (the SR term for someone interfacing with drones or vehicles with their mind to better pilot them). It hasn’t happened yet, but you never know. She’s a Korean-descended ork-changling, is Washuu’s roommate, is a huge fan of Korean pop, and is dating Riptide (who is, if you’ll recall, an oni and one of the player characters). That’s just my game, though. She could be used as a guest character (as she’s a little overpowered for a starting character) or, really, however you want. She and Washuu should work well together for Matrix based scenarios; when my players want to hire one of them and I don’t want them in the adventure, I generally conceive of them as a duo, taking runs that can be done mostly with drones and the Matrix.

Also it’s looking like it will be a busy week until next Wednesday, at least. Running another game on Friday, so Sixth World Saturday will probably be a run report.

Ork Rigger


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