And… we’re back.

So, a combination of a lot going on, a lack of motivation, and Starcraft 2 contributed to the recent hiatus. I’ll try and be a little more consistent from now on, but no promises. Still, I feel refreshed, so on with the show. A few thoughts below:

Starcraft 2: is AWESOME. I mean, we all knew it would be, at least those of us who don’t have an unreasoning hatred for Blizzard or RTSes. The campaign is reminding me why I loved Warcraft 3 so much; nearly every mission has something unique and interesting about it, and the plethora of unbalanced (for multiplayer) campaign-only units and upgrades is simply a treat. I also really enjoy one-off games against the computer—I have a sad internet connection that can’t handle actual multiplayer games, so that’s out, but the game seems as splendidly balanced as the first, and I really love a lot of the new units, particularly the Colossus and the Void Ray with the protoss. I’m already confident of my ability to win a one-on-one match against a normal difficulty opponent, and plan to take on multiple opponents next. My goal is to be able to take one hard opponent or two normal ones on my own, consistently and without that much stress.

The Fuller Memorandum: Charles Stross’s latest Laundry novel is fantastic. For those of you not familiar, the Laundry novels are a combination of joke-filled, nerdy spy novels and Lovecraftian horror. Imagine Delta Green where all the protagonists are programmers. They’re something else. In fact, the combination of this and The Benthic Wars (basically alt-universe Laundry fan fiction) inspired me to try and design a Risk-like board game. I’m already mostly done with the Alpha version, which is a mod for Risk 2210, though I won’t post it until I’m done with all the new cards.

I’ve always loved Penny Arcade, but the way to read them is really the books. The Halls Below is new and hilarious—it’s Tycho’s commentary that does it. Recommended.


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