The caduceus, a winged staff entwined by two serpents, was the symbol of Hermes, the messenger of the Greek gods. From the 16th through the 19th centuries, the caduceus was often used as a publisher’s mark, as both publishers and Hermes were in the business of distributing information. A medical textbook publisher’s observance that tradition in the 19th century confused the U.S. army, who adopted it as the symbol for their medical corps, and the caduceus thus also became a symbol of the medical profession.

Caduceus, the author of this blog, spends most of his time roaming the countryside in a psychedelically painted VW Bus with a band of misfits and a sentient Great Dane, with whom he investigates reports of paranormal activities and invariably reveals them to be the schemes of creepy old men in elaborate costumes. When not being called a meddlesome kid by dudes in monster suits, he does freelance writing and editing in the U.S. city with the highest per capita number of strip clubs, runs a Shadowrun game, and geeks out about geeky stuff.


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  1. Andrew femling Says:

    Good day sir, I just stumbled over your contacts NPC list while trying to find shadowrun information and now found your Rigger, Such amazing NPC thank you so much for the work. I was wondering if I could ask your opinion.

    I have made a shapeshifter that uses the Komodo dragon. I found the information in Running Wild for the venom, enhanced smell and I have used the comparison of the bear to find out his Attribute’s min and max. Going with
    Body: 6/11 [17]
    Agility: 1/4 [6]
    Reaction: 1/5 [7]
    Strength: 6/11 [17]
    Charisma: 1/5 [7]
    Intuition: 1/5 [7]
    Logic: 1/5 [7]
    Willpower: 1/5 [7]
    The BP cost I kept at 80 due to the venom ability.

    If you are willing to share you opinion of this I would be grateful. I may never play again do to my family commitment but I love to create NPC and good background stories.

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